2017 Type Design, Google Fonts

Francois One is an alternative to the classic industrial gothic sans-serif model of typefaces. Francois One was intially designed by Vernon Adams for Google Fonts. Over the course of a summer I was guided with Dave Crossland, Jacques Le Bailly, and Aoife Mooney in redesigning the typeface to better fit a specific brief as well as improving the overall drawing of the typeface. View the Google Specimen

References taken from Nick Sherman's Flickr Library


Inspirations for Francois One were taken primarily from gothic sans-serifs while injecting organic curvature and angles from more glyphic, handwritten typefaces. The typeface explores a semi-glyphic flair to the classic model that inevitably liven's up the x-height and provides a bouyant and "absurd" personality.

In the World

Francois One is primarily a display typeface and follows the model of Franklin Gothic Bold Condensed. Due to its quirky expression, Francois works well in place of other Gothic sans-serifs where an extra flourish and play is needed. The letterforms create a cartoony bounce at the x-height which livens up any word for the extra punch.

Next Steps

Before the contract ended I began groundwork for the next expansion of the system. The future development of the typeface will bring regular, wide, and super wide masters.