Tacos No.1

2018 Branding, Web Design, Type Design

Los Tacos No.1 is a Pacific Mexican restaurant based in the big apple. True to name, Los Tacos No.1 is consistently ranked the best taco joint in New York. They are proud of their culture and thrive in the fast paced eatery environment. Los Tacos No.1 draws their passion for great food from mexican heritage and pride. Located in the Chelsea Market, Los Tacos is the epitome of a speedy taco stand.

Images used within brand and as inspiration taken from https://www.loc.gov.


The identity was created to increase the Los Taco No.1’s audience. Their brand needed the potential to outshine larger competitors. As a brand goes to scale, the identity should carry a larger impact. Revolutionizing the brand meant maintaining the minimal, rugged aesthetics of their Mexican Heritage.


At the core, Los Tacos No.1 touts their authenticity and heritage. The three founders began on the Pacific Coast in San Diego and Tijuana and through this history they bring many influences to the company. Flyers from 18th century Mexico provided symbols of authenticity and heritage in a casual tone. Projecting heritage in a modern context by nature gravitated toward eclecticism. The brand represents that principle.

The Logotype

At the base level of the brand is the logotype. Developing three lockups for the brand allows an array of uses and variety of contexts.

The letterforms are softened and friendly, yet proud, loud, and punchy. This backbone of the system provides energy that is extended into the custom typeface. The angle within the mark is stressed in linear elements in collateral and advertising pieces.

Collateral & Grid

Consistency across a variety of media sizes was achieved through a common grid strucure. The brand emphasizes an open left column grid across all collateral including the web experience.

Luchador Display

I created a typeface that mirrors the expression of the logotype to create a system that is entirely owned by Los Tacos. This typeface is then applied across all collateral as the main vehicle of the brand. A tall poster variation was created for minimal uses where intese exclamation are used.

The defining design features of Luchador Display are full surface coverage, hairline counters, and bubbly curves. To add a youthful expression Luchador Display is entirely unicase.

On the Web

The LT1 website plays with white space and graphic elements to emulate the eclecticism in the typography. Following with the letterheads, the website operates with a similar grid structure to apply consistency across all brand collateral.

As web trends move towards more expressive layouts and asymmetrical grids, I wanted to utlize the freedom to create a website as bouyant as Los Tacos No.1's collateral.