Mixologist's Guide To Herbology

2017 Publication, Editorial

The Mixologist's Guide to Herbology is a publication that I created for myself. I documented my experience of creating an herb garden to explore diverse flavor profiles of mixed drinks. After the record of testing and executing, I challeneged myself to tell a story as reinterpret the visual vocabulary of an often trite subject.
Featured in the VCD Honor's Exhibition, 2017

Botanical illustration drawn from Elizabeth Blackwell and Pierre–Joseph Redoute.


The visual language of cocktails is overwhelmed with 1920's prohibition, wood cut letterforms, and rugged industrialism. Rather than follow the path of cliche I challenged an alternate visual library inspired by the style of 1800's botanical illustrations and liquid materiality. Dissection, fragmentation, fluidity, and analysis became the model for my experience, story, and visual narrative.

After considering typography as an extension of graphic language I segmented the text with numerals and alternating justification. The type system I invented was a controlled play of hierarchy and legibility. I took great care to balance the unusual rags and trapped spaces created by an alternating type alignment while maintaining appropriate breaks for distinct information.


The mixology kit is an experiment in narrative and graphic vocabulary. I often ask how each design problem can reinterpret materiality and cliche by considering substance, evolution, and historical reference. Paragraphs and numerals scatter the pages as though suspended in liquid, while the numbering and pacing of paragraphs provided simultaneous order and whimsy.