Simbul Type Con

2016 Branding, Editorial, Identity

An annual event hosted by the Society of Typographic Aficionados. Simbul 2017’s brand identity uses the iterative nature of typographic form to depict the mozaic and architectural details of Istanbul, Turkey. By uniting these two principles of the conference, architecture and typography, the brand manages to question the evolution of typography itself.

I created a modular brand system based on the pixel that could be adapted for iconography, illustration, and typography.


Further drawing from relationships in modern architecture and typography, the grid systems use the golden proportion as a foundation for the collateral. This same proportion was then consistent for the textures on each page and the relationships between type and iconography in the logo mark.

Scattered through the book are bitmapped images of early Ottoman & Christian scripts, as well as notable Byzantine mozaics and architecture. The imagery illustrates the notion that incremental shape language is an infinitely transmutable module.

Book & Collateral

The Simbul TypeCon is structured in several pieces: the 2-day Pre-Conference, 3-day Main Conference, and a supplementary workshop schedule. The final program is a sixty page booklet displaying a conference schedule, detailed list of speakers and workshop descriptions.

The pocket collateral contains a miniature calendar of events, and the area guide folds out into a simple typographic poster for the conference take-away.